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About Aerocargo, INC.

Since 1997, AeroCargo, Inc. has provided solutions for transportation with the belief that “service is a universal language”. Based in Miami, Florida AeroCargo, Inc. offers expedited full truckload and less than truck load (LTL) between any city in the continental United States and Canada on time and damage free. With partnership relationships with over two hundred agents in all fifty states AeroCargo can offer door – to – door seamless service in every zip code listed.

Our clients know they can get their service in any timeframe possible to man. Need it yesterday; we can get it as close to today better than anyone else. AeroCargo can provide such services as “I need it there by tomorrow noon” to “get it there before five Friday” deferred service.                      

This is why we say, “ Service is a universal language” because you don’t say, “ I need two day economy”. You say “before three o’clock Wednesday or I am in big trouble’. Your troubles are our problems and we solve problems period. You will find a team at AeroCargo that achieve superior results. Simple when you know the transportation world.

A few of the many benefits by using AeroCargo, Inc. is:

24 hour / 7 day availability and communication

Consistent control focused on service and quality

Timely and accurate invoicing

We pride ourselves in being able to meet your needs. Check out our list of services. If what your looking for is not there AeroCargo will either create it or refer you to the proper channels.

Scouts honor.

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