To be successful, a potential AeroAssociate must have a sound foundation in transportation logistics and good sales/marketing techniques.

You may wonder how to ensure that you make the best decision possible. Starting your own business takes guts and the willingness to make important choices. Here are some points to consider:


- Pride in having your own business and making day –to- day decisions yourself.

- Lower risk of failure than if you were to start your own business from scratch.

- Ability to sell services to markets that cannot be serviced by company owned brokerages because of higher operational costs and lower motivation of employees in company owned operations.

- Being a part of a uniform operation, yet always treated for who you are- an independent business owner.

- Ongoing support in administrative and operational matters.

- The enhancement of your abilities and financially benefiting from an opportunity you could not have in most employment situations.

You will want to do your homework, check us out. Speak with other AeroAssociates about their experience. Ask questions. You can be sure we will do the same. We want to be useful in helping make a sound business decision and for you to understand why AeroCargo may be beneficial for you.

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